The letters

What do we think about when we think about our own mortality, life and, ultimately, death? Fate? Legacy? The people that we love and that we leave behind? Suffering? Injustice? Responsibility? These are just some of the questions writer/director Robbie Walsh asks in his challenging, thoughtful and angry, but beautiful new film, The Letters. Set […]


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A Civilized World

A Civilized World opens with an innocuous enough shot: A place holder on a dinner table inscribed with the name Felix Jones, a platter of finger food is laid next to it before the scene expands to an obviously swanky bar or maybe party. Guests are laughing, gulping wine, greedily devouring appetizers. Who is Felix […]

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Sean Baker doesn’t make movies about characters. Sean Baker makes movies about people. Real people: they have hopes and foibles, ambitions and failings; they can be funny and sad, one minute they’re winning, the next they’re reeling, brought down by a world that expects nothing of them but failure; they’re doing the best they can, […]



David Lowery’s A Ghost Story packs so much into its spare stillness that the mind reels, from its deceptively simple and quiet plot sprout great, twisted vines of thought both linear and abstract. It’s a film that will infuriate as many watchers as it entrances, maybe more. It is a spectacle for the mind, it […]

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Jules et Jim

Much has been written of Francois Truffaut’s classic love triangle, Jules et Jim, and rightly so. The film stands as one of the greatest movies of the Twentieth Century, a carefree, freewheeling romance that descends into the horror of The Great War and emerges into one of the most powerfully accurate portrayals of depression ever […]

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